Why Is Columbus Day Be Celebrated

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Columbus Day is a very arguable topic. Many people think that Columbus Day should be celebrated and many people think that it shouldn’t be celebrated. In my opinion Columbus Day should not be celebrated. I say this because he was a slaver, a killer, and a thief. Why should we celebrate someone who did those things to other people. Now many people say that is should be celebrated, but most of those people are uneducated in the subject.
When Columbus came in his first voyage he had disease from animals that the natives have the natives immune system have never felt which means they were more likely to get the disease and it was harder for the natives to get rid of the disease therefore many of them died. Columbus might not have been morally responsible for the deaths for disease, but he did go their and spread their germs to the natives.
Many of the natives died due to Columbus. Him and his crew forced many of them into labor because they did not have the gold or the spices he came there for. He brought some of them back on ships for slavery and many of them died on the way due to being malnourished by Columbus and his crew. While Columbus and his crew were back with the natives, they killed the natives that refused to give their items and jewelry away, So the king and …show more content…

He had them do forced labor on his command because they did not have the gold he wanted, if they did not do the labor they were killed if they did something wrong they could get mutilated which is when they would chop off a finger, it would get way worse than that sometimes. And would make they hang the body part around their neck showing the others to do what they say and do it right which is when they would chop off a finger, it would get way worse than that sometimes. He had the natives learn how to do labor at a very young age probably starting at the age of 3 or 4 for his own good

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