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Compare & Contrast Essay “POW! POW! POW!” Gunshots were heard around the tavern in Massachusetts. While hiding in an empty barrel with my gun and some food that might not last too long, I wondered. Should I fight or not? In this essay, I will be comparing and contrasting the setting: time and place and the conflicts found in My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier with Two Kinds of Patriots by Lucy Jane Bledsoe. On this occasion, My Brother Sam is Dead is about a young man named Samuel Meeker. Sam wanted to be in the Revolutionary War. But, the problem was that he needed a gun. So, he went to the family’s tavern to get his father’s Brown Bess. Then, his father found out that he was missing his gun, and Sam was going to war with his gun, but he got AWL and General Putman wanted to set an example. On the other hand, Two Kinds of Patriots is about a man named Hank Roberts. Hank didn’t want to do with being in the war or fighting. But, one day some Lobster Backs broke into his house to slaughter his livestock and threaten his family. So, Hank wanted to join the war because of that incident. Then, he ended up being a member of George Washington’s Army. While, the first similarity found between My Brother Sam is Dead and Two Kinds of Patriots is time and …show more content…

Is that My Brother Sam is Dead takes place in summer and winter of 1775. It took place during the Revolutionary War in Redding, Massachusetts and also in Verplanks. While, in Two Kinds of Patriots took place in summer and winter of 1777 and 1778. The novels took place after the Revolutionary War in Valley Forge. Valley Forge was a camping site where many Continental men were staying. 2,000 died at the Brand wire Battle, then more died at the Georgetown Battle. 11,000 troops moved into Valley Forge and died from camp

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