Compare And Contrast Settlers And Chesapeake Settlers

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In 1606 British settlers came to the Chesapeake region in search of wealth and a better life; in 1620 Puritan settlers came to the New England region in search of religious freedom and a better life. Both groups had their woes, be them indians, disease, or famine, but eventually began to spread out and colonized. The Puritans created New England as a chance to live their lives in a Puritan society with Puritan values. The settlers of the Chesapeake region colonized in the south as a chance to work the land and gain wealth. Both the settlers of New England and Chesapeake settled to search for a better life, beyond what could be offered to them in the old world. When the Puritans settled in New England they had a one track mind. Their goal was …show more content…

They accomplished this in a multitude of fashions. There were those that came to the new world with some money and were therefore able to buy small or even large farms. There were also people who came as indentured servants, working for years only to be given some corn, a free ride from England, and possibly a minute plot of land. These settlers all had one thing in common, whatever they had to begin with, in a physical sense, they wanted to make something better for themselves. 
 Both the New England and Chesapeake regions were colonized for their own reasons. Their most predominant difference was that while the New England settlers were seeking religious freedom, the Chesapeake settlers were seeking material wealth. Their differences were the differences in part between the physical and spiritual. Still the New England and Chesapeake settlers had one thing in common, one thing that was applicable to most colonizers of the new world. whatever the price, they were seeking better lives for themselves.
 The British Settler’s of the new world were ultimately united in their search for a better life. However, the New England Puritans created cities and towns based on industry and small farming, while the settlers of the Chesapeake region created massive plantations, that were largely reliant on slavery. Eventually the northerners who had no need for slaves and the slave reliant southerners clashed over the necessity and morality of slavery, ultimately fueling the fire that caused the Civil

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