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We often associate the Revolutionary War with George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. However, it is vital not to ignore General Bernardo de Galvez's essential role in American history, even if his contributions are often overlooked in a traditional history class. His influential leadership commanded Spanish military troops with success during the Battle of Pensacola and significantly shaped America’s victory path, leading to long-lasting outcomes of the war and paving the way for American independence.
During the Revolutionary War, a conflict emerged between Great Britain and the American colonies. The build-up of tension arose from unfair taxes and violations of democracy through political and monetary policies. Many saw these violations …show more content…

General Bernardo de Galvez led the Spanish who provided significant support to these colonies in gaining independence. His fleet sailed into Pensacola Bay and caught the offenders off guard. After a fierce battle, the Spanish eventually invaded and successfully captured the British, who retreated and gave up control of Pensacola. This victory was a critical moment in American history, and General Galvez’s strategic thinking and contributions aided this success. One of his notable achievements was the innovative weaponry he used to adapt to the unique environment of Pensacola to gain an advantage over the British. He utilized the hot air balloon to gain a bird’s eye view over the battlefield to watch the enemy and used the observations to coordinate his team and predict what to do next. He also used floating batteries-an armed watercraft that held cannons and other equipment-during battles which provided coverage for troops and helped them respond to threats. During the war, Americans found it difficult to be self-sufficient and secure needed resources for their fight against the …show more content…

A major impact was the promotion of cultural diversity in the United States. Galvez represented a nationality that was uncommon in the role of leadership because people with British backgrounds typically led the American colonists. His ethnicity and knowledge made him valuable because he brought a unique perspective to the American war effort. He broke language and cultural barriers that previously existed while fighting with the Americans in the Battle of Pensacola and Mobile. He demonstrated that these differences did nothing but separate us and showed that people of all origins could work together for a similar goal. His contributions also established a stronger bond between Spain and the United States. As previously stated, Galvez worked to provide financial and military support to America. Spain’s backing showed their commitment to American independence which promoted international relations, which continues to this day. Today, Spain and the US still maintain a close partnership on many issues like environmental concerns, energy matters, and trade that stimulate economic growth for both countries. The international partnership that Galvez initiated in the war shows the importance of collaboration and understanding one another, regardless of background. Additionally, his contributions played a significant role in securing America's status as the

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