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Sophie Lander
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April 3, 2023

“The Giver” Compare and Contrast
Utopian and dystopian societies are a common topic in novels. Utopias depict an idealized society, while dystopias are utopias gone wrong. “The Giver” is a novel written by Lois Lowry about a utopia that is not actually perfect. It depicts a society that has eliminated war, hunger, conflict and hatred. However in the proccess eliminated happiness and love. This book is very meaningful as it is a warning to society about what happens without feelings and history. Due to “The Giver” growing in popularity it was made into a film. This is an overall good adaptation of the book, but is not an exact replica. Both “The Giver” novel and the film adaptation have …show more content…

As “Precision of Language” convey’s human sameness and control, the same goes for the absence of colour. In “The Giver” book, the community has eliminated colour in order to create a cohesive world. As The Giver educated Jonas, “We relinquished colour when we relinquished sunshine, and did away with difference. We gained control of many things. But we had to let others go.” (95) This quote explains how the decision to remove colour may help eliminate differences, but it takes away what makes people and life special. It is also a sort of turning point to Jonas, as it builds on his opinion about why his community isn’t perfect. In relation to the book, in “The Giver” movie colour is also a factor that has been removed from the community. This is clear to the viewer, as in the movie until Jonas gains the ability to see colour, the viewer gets to watch the movie in black and white. Including this part of the book in the movie was important, because it demonstrated to the viewer how Jonas saw the world. It may make the movie feel more impactful as it shows how sameness can eliminate happiness, love and …show more content…

In “The Giver” novel, there is a difference jobs that the main characters have. At the ceremony Asher received “The assignment of Assistant Director of Recreation.” While Jonas’ other friend Fiona, “Was given the important assignment of Caretaker of the Old.” (56) As readers it is understandable why these characters were given these assignments. As explained by the Head Elder, Asher was given his role because of his love of play. While Fiona received her assignment due to her long volunteer hours at House Of The Old. Conversely, in the movie Fiona and Asher have completely different roles in the community. During the ceremony, Asher’s assignment is pilot and Fiona’s is Nurturer. While this may seem like an insignificant difference, it is actually relevant as they use these jobs in the movie as an additional plot point that never existed in the books. Asher’s job as pilot becomes significant when Jonas escapes the community. Instead of random planes chasing after him like in the books, Asher actually chases after him. Similarly with Fiona, when Jonas is escaping he breaks Gabe out of the Nurturing Center with Fiona’s help. This difference may also be confusing to some viewers, as the movie does not give any sort of reasoning as to why these characters have received these jobs. In contrast to the book which gives us a clear understanding as to why they received these assignments. In addition to the

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