Compare And Contrast The Populist Movement And The Progressive Movement

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Throughout the history of the US, there were many movements and acts that emphasize the rights, justice, and equality of every US citizen, they were needed to push the society move forward. There were some that failed after a long time because of lacking supports from the people, but there also many movements that were so successful that changed the whole way how the US handles Democracy and its people rights. Those movements were maybe not last for a long time but were needed to show everyone that the power and wealth of a nation come through its citizen, and each person has the power to fight for their happiness and equality. In many righteous acts that the people have started, there were two acts that made an enormous change to the US political and economic system, not only they improve the people lives, they were also the main reason why America is such promising and full of opportunities to the eyes of many immigrants. Those two are The Populist Movement and The Progressive era. The Populist movement and the Progressive era shared the same idea and belief, both were based on the people dissatisfaction with government and its inability to deal with many important problems that were poorly affecting the people lives. Supporters of both movements were utterly irritated and angry at the powerless government got controlled by “special interest …show more content…

The populist movement focused more on reforming the economic system, while Progressive movement focused on changing the political system. The Populist movement mostly came from the people without any help of the government; on the other hand, the Progressive movement received many agreements and supports from the President of the United States itself. Although they had differences, their goal was always to secure a better future for the people, the workers, and labors. The Populist and Progressive movement were for the

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