Compare And Contrast Turkey And The Moose

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The Llama, The Turkey and The Moose: A Bio-Organic Chemistry Fable As a mother of three little girls with beautiful dark, curly hair, I spend a lot of time washing, detangling and styling their curls. There are often tears of pain while I comb out stubborn tangles and my little girls tell me that they wish they had straight “yellow” hair like their Barbie or the Disney princesses. I am so sad that they don’t appreciate the beauty of their natural ethnicity, so I made up a fable in the style of Aesop that I tell them to keep them entertained while I style their hair. My three pretty girls Once upon a time, there was a llama, a turkey and a moose. Despite their extreme differences in backgrounds and lifestyles, they were the best of friends. Each morning, they would meet in a clearing in the woods where they would play games like tag, hide-and-go-seek and I-spy. When they were hungry, they would graze on the sweet grass and wild flowers. When they were thirsty, they would drink the clear, fresh water from the stream. They spent carefree days together in the clearing laughing and having the best of times. One day, while the three unlikely friends were playing a entertaining game of rock-paper-scissors, a forest fairy flew out from the trees. She said, …show more content…

These would cause them to feel the first giddy feelings of attraction. The norepinephrine would lead to a decreased appetite, the dopamine would create feelings of euphoria and the serotonin would elevate their moods. These neurotransmitters were responsible for the exciting feelings of butterflies in their stomach. They also caused the distractibility and obsessive thoughts of a new attraction. These hormone and neurotransmitter fueled feelings of attraction would make the llama seem like the most irresistible guy on the ranch. (Fisher,

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