Dr. Martin Luther King's Glory & Hope

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“I Have a Dream” and “Glory & Hope” were two great speeches given by two of the most significant and exceptional speakers in the 20th century. These 2 men were Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and Nelson Mandela. These two speeches were delivered at times when great racial segregation and injustice had been found in the deep chasms of human society. At that time the Negros in North America and South Africa were racially divided. The Apartheid in South Africa and the lack of rights for the Negros in North America. Both men were very prominent in the fight for civil rights for the Negros and made rhetoric speeches which were very powerful and influential. They served as a very significant examples of how freedom, democratic rights and racial equality …show more content…

On top of that Martin Luther delivered his speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial before more than 200,000 people on August 28,1963. Martin Luther’s main purpose was to show the people of America, the deep depths of segregation and separation and how the negro still suffers today as he quoted- “One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished … in his own land”. He also uses some crucial events that had occurred in the past like the Emancipation Proclamation which was issued by President Abraham Lincoln in January 1st 1863. He also used words from the supreme court- “Separation is not equal”-1956. These two examples were ethos as he has credible sources. He opts his people not to fight back physically but instead use passive resistance. Also he repeats some phrase in his speech to adapt melodic quality in his speech. Some examples of repetition are: “I Have a Dream” and “let freedom ring”. This repetition also helps the audience to become more engaged. He also used many subtle references to some events that gave his oration an emotion depth-pathos. One example is- “I have a dream that my 4 little… content of their character”. Other great examples of metaphors were” Whirlwinds of revolts” and “the Negro lives on a lonely … of material prosperity”. These metaphors helped King convey his points beautifully and smoothly. On the other …show more content…

He delivered his speech at his presidential inauguration. At the start of the speech Mandela addresses people not only from South Africa but from all around the world. He introduces his ideas clearly about how freedom should be protected & we should all be respected for our civil rights. He also conveys the idea on non-violence. During his oration a fact to note is that he speaks with great joy and exhilaration and creates a patriotic feeling. One example of this is-"intimately attached …beautiful country". Ethos, pathos and logos are also present in this speech. An excellent example of when Mandela used both Ethos and Logos together is in the quote- “We deeply appreciate the role … Honorable F.W. de Klerk.”. Similar to Dr. King Mandela uses beautiful metaphors. A marvelous instance is “We enter into a covenant …rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.” In the metaphor Mandela compares all races to a rainbow. He uses this imagery to covey his point that all races can be united so there can be peace as one. Mandela uses amazing rhetoric and figurative language which blends on with his spirit to show there is hope for South Africa. Also by revealingly using “let there be…” he emphasizes a lot on his dreams of South Africa as a unified, equal and proud

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