Comparing Blake Shelton And Chou Jay

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They are not just singers: Blake Shelton and Chou Jay
Who says singers only can sing songs? There are others career they can have. In recent years, there are many singers who can do more than sing, but also have various talents. Obviously, songs can be divided into several types such as R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, country, blue, and jazz etc. There are two singers who are my favorite singers: Blake Shelton and Chou Jay. Sometimes, I read magazines with celebrity interviews, they usually asked about their early life or how they grow up; most celebrities had a difficult life when they were young, but after that they became successful. In this essay, there are two similarities between Shelton and Jay: how they went through their early life, and both Shelton …show more content…

Shelton wasn’t born from rich family, but his family seemed ordinary. He began singing, writing song, and playing guitar when he was young. Unfortunately, “On November 13, 1990, his older brother Richie Shelton was killed in an automobile accident, ” according to Wikipedia. That event depressed him in his life at that time but he never gave up on music. After he graduated from high school, he met a songwriter who was impressed with Shelton’s talent and advised him to move to Nashville Tennessee. Then, Shelton did, and had started developing his singer career. Similarly, Jay, whose mother noticed his talent in music, and took him to piano lessons during his childhood. Sadly, his parents weren’t peaceful so they divorced when Jay was 13. According to Wikipedia, Jay’s father had detested the decision Jay’s mother made, thus arguing, and beating her every single day. Think about what Jay had been through at that time, he was just a kid and he suffered such horrible thing. He became a hermit and introverted. Although he had been through this bad childhood experience, he still had passion in the music. Furthermore, he didn’t get good enough grades in high school so he decided to find a job as a waiter. Occasionally, he got chances to play piano in the pub. One lucky day, a famous TV show’s host Jack Wu. went there and discovered that Jay had potential in music. After that, Wu made a contract …show more content…

What a coincidence that both Shelton and Jay are coaches in The Voice, but in different areas of The Voice. Shelton has been appearing on The Voice of America since The Voice started. Some people said that Shelton didn’t have really a star personality the way before he appeared on The Voice. In other word, The Voice helped Shelton became more famous. Likewise, Jay showed up on The Voice of China. Actually, Jay just joined The Voice in 2015, and his fame clearly is enough but The Voice made him get more and more fame. Some people called Jay “Jaysanity” because The Voice of China audiences’ rating has

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