Comparing Concrete Mixers And Elephants

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However The City is So Big, by Richard Garcia and the poem Concrete Mixers by Patricia Hubbell are different and same in a lot of ways, they are both about imaginary poems. They are both about imaginary poems because Concrete Mixers compares concrete mixers to elephants. In The City is So Big you had to imagine the bridges, houses, and trains. The City is So Big is the poem about the scary representation about the city that the writer was in. The author represents the city like he is scared of the city because his tone in the poem was very eerie. An example I have seen machines eating houses And stairways walk all by themselves And elevator doors opening and closing And people disappear. Only this one example sounds like the author is trying to represent the poem like it is a nightmare. Another example how bridges quake with fear I know. This example is the starting where …show more content…

The poem compares Concrete Mixers and elephants because Concrete Mixers are noisy, slow and bulky, same as elephants. Example The drivers are washing the concrete mixers; Like elephant tenders, they hose them down.Tough gray-skinned monsters standing ponderous, Elephant-bellied and elephant-nosed. This example is enough evidence to influence people the poem is about the comparison of Concrete Mixer and elephants. This poem is a imagery, personification, and simile. Additionally, the Concrete Mixer and The City is So Big are similar because they're both subjects are about cities and them kind of use the same figurative language. They do not have the same subject because one talks about a City and the other talks about a Concrete Mixer. They have almost the same poetic devices because The City is So Big uses hyperbole, personification, and simile. Also, the Concrete Mixer uses the poetic devices imagery, personification, and simile. The poem that did a better job describing the subject was The Concrete

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