Comparing Flight And Pilate's Flight In Song Of Solomon

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In Song of Solomon, Pilate embodies the perfect guiding force in Milkman’s life. The concept of flight in the book is very prominent, and Pilate’s flight is the most significant of all. Flight is associated with mostly men in the book. The men fly, and the women sing songs of sadness. Pilate has both of these incredible gifts. She sings and flies like a songbird. This contrasts Milkman’s black and white perspective. He has the traditional belief that women have a certain place in his life, and mentor is not one of them. Pilate creates the connection between her and Milkman with her ability to fly “without ever leaving the ground”. Without Pilate, Milkman’s flight at the end of the book is not possible. Pilate’s death greatly affected Milkman,
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