Comparing The Challenges, Conflicts And Resolutions Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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The purpose of this paper is to examine a few examples of the many challenges, conflicts and resolutions of the Lewis and Clark Expedition revealing America. These historical figures lead the first American expedition to cross what is known now as the western portion of the United States, departing in May 1804, from near St. Louis making their way westward through the continental divide to the Pacific coast. Even before the expedition began, internal diplomatic struggles occurred within congress where then, President Jefferson secretly obtained funding of $2500 for the expedition to explore territory all the way to the Pacific Ocean. At the time, the territory of the West did not belong to the United States. The resolution was …show more content…

After explaining the intent of the United States to bring comprehensive peace between all Indian tribes including the Indian tribes the
Blackfeet were mortal enemies with and learning their enemies would be receiving guns, the Blackfeet tried to steal all the guns of the expedition. During the ensuing chaos, two Blackfeet warriors were killed. This incident marked the first act of bloodshed between representatives the United States and western Indians which would lead to additional deaths in the coming years. From that point forward, the Blackfeet regarded the Americans with hostility. In conclusion, where the Lewis and Clark expedition was historic, the first mapping of the western United States, documenting of all botany and biological wonders, the opening of diplomacy with the western Indian tribes, this did not come without consequences and enlightenment. The years of open hostilities with the Blackfeet
Indian nation was one major consequence. Under the guise of enlightenment the United
States opened up the West, mapped the many unknown western territories of the time, learned of the many new species of the plant life, wondrous rivers and fish life. This was indeed, and incredible

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