Comparing The Constitution Of The Nevada Constitution And The United States Constitution

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The Nevada Constitution and the United States Constitution
United States Government has a constitution that resembles the Constitution of the State of Nevada. This essay seeks to establish the significant differences in the amendment process, the branches of government and the relationship between the people and government power in each document.
The Constitution of the United States of America is known to be very old, probably the oldest federal constitution since the early 1780s. The Philadelphia states formed a delegation to frame the constitution in May 1787. The State of Nevada was amended on March 21st in 1864, where the residents of the state of Nevada voted on October 31st to resolve their constitution, and form a constitution …show more content…

The second amendment stated that there would be complete toleration of religious sentiment, and no one residing within would be molested in person or property on account of their religious worship.
Thirdly, that the people of Nevada disclaim their titles and right to appropriated public lands within Nevada, thus remaining in entire disposition of the United States. Neither was Nevada to expect land belonging to citizens of US living outside Nevada be taxed higher than the land belonging to residents of Nevada, nor was there an allowance to tax the US, the land bought within Nevada by the US, unless otherwise provided by the congress of the US (John Bevis Reid 30-36). …show more content…

Three quarters of the total Legislatures, or three quarters of total Conventions held for this purpose, are required to ratify amendments, as both constitute the Congress. However, it is provided that amendments made will not affect the first and fourth Clauses in Section Nine of the first article, and that no state will be deprived of its equal right to Suffrage in the Senate without its Consent (Thomas Jefferson

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