Comparing The Nightmare Before Christmas And James The Giant Peach

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Be careful of what you wish for, thought Coraline when the Other Mother asked to stay forever in the fantastic Other World, but there was only one condition—to sew buttons over her own eyes. The creator of the movie The Nightmare before Christmas and James the Giant Peach, has come back with a new installment: this thrilling and exciting stop motion movie Coraline. The first scene shows a doll being torn apart bit by piece. Sewn back together by creepy metallic hand, the new doll is revealed to be a young girl named Coraline. Coraline is not just your average children’s movie—the film triggers its viewers’ unconscious through its gloomy setting, reoccurring concepts, and eerie music. Voiced by Dakota Fanning, Coraline is a girl of 11 years of age, bored of her life and neglected by her workaholic parents in their pale pink New Palace Apartment in gloomy Oregon. From start to finish, the setting of the background in her world revolves around dullness and gloominess. The only thing to stand out from this overwhelming use of dull colors is Coraline herself wearing a bright yellow raincoat. Her curious personality led her to stumble upon a small wallpaper cover brick-sealed door inside …show more content…

The similarities between the films are the storyline, and the characters. Storyline usually involves a young fearless girl, bored with her life and neglect by parental figures. Leading for her, to look another reality with an animal guide, just as The Wizard of Oz with the rainbow trail, and Alice in Wonderland with looking glass. In Coraline case is a small door leads to the new wonderful reality. Once visiting the new reality, the main character never wants to leave until something unexpected happen to them. The cliché animal friend who helps her go through the journey appears in Coraline. But it doesn’t matter because the movie still seize mine

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