Comparison Of 9/11 And Pearl Harbor Attack

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Days of Infamy

Two very devastating attacks happened in the past that have changed history forever. One being the World Trade Center Attack and another being the Pearl Harbor Attack. Both attacks had America in shock, but not fear, america stood strong in times of doubt. Even though the events of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor were tragic america stood strong and held their ground. The person behind the attack of the World Trade Center was Osama bin Laden. The plans of the attack were to hijack four planes and fly them into the Twin Towers and the pentagon, but the plan partially failed as one of the planes crashed in pennsylvania. The attack of the World Trade Center lasted about a day, losing 2,977 lives in the twin towers and 125 at the pentagon. …show more content…

The Plans of the attack of Pearl Harbor were to neutralize the U.S. Pacific fleet so the japanese could access oil and rubber, the attack was easily won by the japanese as one of the people watching the radar thought it was part of a practice. The attack of Pearl Harbor only lasted two hours, know as one of the shortest attacks in history, but still tragic, killing 2,500 people. The goal of the attack of 9/11 was to make america weak, but the goal was not met because america stayed strong and came together as a family. America was caught off guard by this attack because we did not know it was coming. by being caught off guard we lost 2,977 lives. The goal of Pearl Harbor was to take down the U.S. Navy, which they succeeded in because again the U.S. was caught off guard. The result of being caught off guard was losing almost all navy ships and losing 2,500 lives. Although the attacks of Pearl Harbor and the Twin towers are very similar, they are very different also. In both attacks the U.S. was caught off guard leading to 2,500-3,000 deaths, the attacks also lasted about two hours. In the attack of Pearl Harbor the U.S. was warned as the movement of the japanese was headed right towards the U.S. In the attack of 9/11 america was not warned at all, everything was out of

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