Comparison Of Candice Raquel Lee And Edmonia Lewis

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Candice Raquel Lee and Edmonia Lewis Edmonia Lewis and Candice Raquel Lee are two of the most inspiring African American artists in the history of art. They have motivated many inspiring artist to work hard and always accomplish your dreams in life. Although both of these artists have had a major influence on women, but also has influenced the African American culture as they both have contributed excellent pieces of art work to encourage the African American culture of artwork. Edmonia Lewis is known to be the first professional African-American, and Native-American sculptor, whom also explored religious and classical themes. When Lewis was questioned how she became an artist, she replied; "well it was a strange selection for a poor girl to make, wasn’t it? I suppose it was in me ... I became almost crazy to make something like the thing which fascinated me”.(Henderson, H. and Romare, B. 2014). Lewis knew how hard it was for a poor black woman at that time she was blessed with an exciting talent that she wanted to explore. Edmonia Lewis was originally born in East Greenbush, NY, but worked for most of her career in Italy, Rome where she obtained her fame, and recognition in the international fine arts. One of Lewis’s …show more content…

One of Lee’s quotes relating to her early years of sculpting is "I still remember the first time I smelled real modeling clay. I was in first grade and a local artist who had been invited to visit my class handed each of us a bit of the grey stuff to work with. The moment I handled it and breathed its earthy smell, it felt natural and familiar, like something from another life. Then and there at the age of six, my love affair with the medium of sculpture began." (Lee, C. 2006). Lee knew at an early age that she was going to be a famous sculptor, so she practiced hard to perfect her skills as she got

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