Jesse Riva Cooper Analysis

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The artist I 've chosen Jess Riva Cooper, Cooper was born in 1967. Jess is currently living in Toronto as she continues to work on her art and educate. Copper is not only a ceramic artist, she works with color and drawing as well. Cooper has really traveled around the world when it comes to her education and professional work as a ceramist. Cooper earned her MFA in Ceramic Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design. With that Cooper continues her work throughout North America and Europe (Jess Riva Cooper - Bio). Cooper currently teaches at Sheridan College in the Bachelor of Craft and Design Program in Oakville. Not only attending Rhode Island Cooper 's resume shows the amount of experience she has, for example she earned her teacher certificate from Brown University in 2009. The list continues, as so does her experience. Cooper has not only excelled as a teacher, …show more content…

Cooper expresses this throughout every single piece, even if it a small detail. The reason I choose Jess Riva Cooper is because of her amazing work experience. Not only was this shown by her knowledge of ceramics, but also her ability to make the clay to something looking very realistic as a human form. Also, the painting really drawn me in her simple modern details is what really inspires me to be an artist like her one day. Throughout my research I have learned a lot about Jess Riva Cooper. Cooper introduces many new techniques to her students and encourages them to create new things. In addition, she loves getting inspiration from outside the classroom being able to walk outside in critical to her work. Also, Cooper likes to give a negative critique positive to make her students and herself wanting to continue and be inspired on her project. Lastly, Cooper does not only focus on the clay part in ceramics but also the drawing and the small steps it takes to master her job (Jess Riva Cooper – Teaching

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