Graphic Design Career Research Paper

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During my job shadow with Ms. Eileen Chalupa on Doane’s Campus I learned how to be creative, come up with my own style of graphic designing, and most importantly to never give up or lose hope on a project that someone has asked for. Her job is the head graphic designer at Doane University. Some questions that I asked her during the job shadow were what are some positive aspects and negative aspects of working as a graphic designer, are the hours flexible for the job and another question I asked was what training did she do to get ready for this type of work and if it required any type of education to complete. One of the reasons she chose this career was because her mother went through the desktop publishing program at Southeast Community …show more content…

She also said how her mother brought back her classwork and software necessary and then she learned how to handle those programs by herself teaching her the technical side of graphic design. Those programs were early versions of Photoshop, Pagemaker, QuarkXPress, and Super Paint. She says that the things she produced back then were bad because she inserted every font she could and inserted graphics randomly. In summer camp for high school students she finally got into some design classes by working for school publications. Then when she went to college typography courses it brought a new level of sophistication to her designs. Now she continues to learn about new trends, rules and abilities to use in her designs. Overall I learned how hard it can be to follow this career path from high school all they way through College, but no matter how hard it can be you can never give up. I also learned to give myself credit and not critique every little detail or else it will lead to me hating my own work. There are different types of programs to use to get practice as a graphic designer. Clubs like the high school yearbook committee or anyplace that needs graphics will not only help the person needing them, but also help myself improve in everything I do with this

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