Comparison Of Sinners In Andy's Inferno

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In my level of Hell, “Andy’s Inferno” sinners are punished for unforgivably being Duke fans in their first lives which is very similar to that of the first circle of hell, Limbo, punishing the virtuous pagans in The Inferno by Dante Alighieri,. First, Limbo relates to my personal vision of Hell by both containing souls of sinners that were unenlightened to a more powerful source in their first lives when in The Inferno the Poet says, “…for they lacked Baptism’s grace, which is the door of the true faith you were born to. Their birth fell before the age of the Christian mysteries, and so they did not worship God’s Trinity in the fullest duty. I am not one of these” (Alighieri 4. 34-39). The sinners in this level in Hell are stated to be those

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