Computers In The Classroom Overrated Essay

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Are computers in the classroom overrated?
Why would Silicon Valley executives, who are at the forefront of disseminating digital technology to the world decide to take their children to schools where computers are not allowed? The Chief Technology Officer of eBay, as well as many big hitters in tech, believe that computers inhibit the development of problem-solving skills and social interaction.
Ever since the adoption of computers as a teaching aid, proponents and opponents of the computer have argued over the usefulness or otherwise of computers to the learning process. Some people argue that computers are unnecessary distractions or that shouldn’t have any role to play in the classrooms. Supporters of tech in education are of the view that computers make learning easier, fun, and flexible. But what is the real worth of computers in the classroom?
One thing is for sure about computers; they are notoriously efficient at processing and accessing information. With a tablet, a teacher can download lesson plans, give out assignments, take attendance, and do many other things. Interactive boards cancel out the …show more content…

But the role of teachers in the educational system is increasingly being threatened by the day. Technology enthusiasts are claiming that in some years to come, there won’t be a need for teachers as computer-based learning would replace them. People like Richard Galant and Andy Kessler have argued that the vast amount of information on the internet, as well as improvements in online instruction and adaptive learning, are the beginning of the end of teachers in our educational system. But proponents of computer-based learning are not alone. Wendy Kopp and others like are staunch supporters of the role of teachers in the classroom, and their arguments are supported by a large body of research that shows the importance of teachers to the learning

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