Concussions In Sports Essay

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Concussions can have a major impact on athletes. In this paper I want to know if Athletes with concussions can get back on the field and reach their potential without damaging themselves. There are many rehabilitation and therapy techniques to help an athlete recover from a concussion. There is also many ways to help prevent sport related concussions. There are psychological, motivational, and physical difficulties for the player to overcome after a concussion.
Concussions are “ caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that jars or shakes the brain inside the skull” (WebMD). This often happens with football players when they get hit. Their body is accelerating and then when they get hit, they decellerate very fast this …show more content…

One thing is to make sure the athlete knows that by resting and doing nothing they are actually doing a lot to help themself and to get back to playing with the team. This would come from advice seeking. Advice seeking is when you get support from people you have close relationships to. These people can help reassure that the athlete is doing the right thing and is being productive (Williams & Krane, 2015).
Another key way to help keep the athlete motivated though this 48 hours is to utilize their locus of control. “The locus of control refers to the extent to which individuals believe they can control events affecting them” (Rotter,1954). This means that they can internalize or externalize good and bad events that happen. Make sure the athlete does not internalize this injury as their fault. The injury should be blamed on an outside, uncontrollable factor. This will help keep the athlete from blaming themself.
Imagery can also be used to help the athlete recover. By using imagery as a cognitive restructuring agents the athlete will be likely to have a more positive attitude and sense of empowerment (Greg J. Chertok). The athlete can picture themself participating in their sport. This will help them keep their ideal self and actual self connected and not cause stress and anxiety (Rogers,

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