Conflict In Alice In Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland is a fictional story written by Lewis Carroll. This is a story about a girl who follows a strange looking rabbit down it's rabbit hole to find all sorts of crazy and unusual characters and places. Alice goes through this world trying to figure it out and get home but, it seems as if she's being rejected and offending the creatures who live in it. Alice struggles through the puzzles of this unknown world just wishing to go home. In the end, Alice wakes from what we now know was a dream land she had created in her own head. The beginning of this story takes place at a river bank where Alice was relaxing whilst her sister was reading a book. Alice grew bored of not doing much and then apparently fell asleep for …show more content…

Alice meets new characters throughout this world such as a talking Dodo bird, a smoking Caterpillar, a grinning Cheshire Cat, and an outraged Queen. Alice is treated very rudely by most characters and is informed by the Cheshire Cat that everyone in Wonderland is mad, including herself. Alice moves through this world trying to make sense of everything that happens when none of it does. Unfortunately for Alice, she gets little to no help understanding what's happening. She is just left to figure it out on her own until she reaches the end and realizes it was all a dream. The conflict in Alice in Wonderland was external because there were many characters and places that she encountered that made things harder for her understand where she was and how to leave. The conflict ended when Alice woke up and realizes that the whole world she was in was really just a dream her mind created while she was asleep. The theme of Alice in Wonderland is that life is confusing. Alice in thrown into many puzzles in this book and never knows how to figure any of it out. This relates back to real life and how some situations people are put in won't always have logical outcomes or solutions. Alice was eating and drinking lots of strange things that made her grow and shrink. This symbolizes that at her age at this time she was experiencing a lot of physical changes from transforming from a child to an

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