Congressional Term Limits Pros And Cons

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Members of Congress often would spend decades in public services and they became fixtures in Washington D.C. It has caused many to question whether term limits should be enacted around the world. A time limit is a rule that prevents government officials from serving for more than a specified number of terms. A time limit reflects the manner in which citizens envision their leaders. Several modern Presidents, including Truman and Eisenhower, have supported congressional term limits. Since the Constitution was amended in 1951 to limit President’s two terms, many political scientists have observed that congressional term limits could cure the imbalance between these two branch of the federal government. In Congress, the term limits have people …show more content…

However, because of the large electoral advantages wielded by incumbents, the low rate of a turnover, is the greatest threat from special interests and the unique power that federal legislators has to hold. Term limits counterbalance incumbent advantages. These Congressional term limits are necessary to inequalities with inevitably hinder challengers and aid incumbents. For instance, each House Member receives nearly a million dollars per year to pay for franked(free) mail, staff salaries and office and travel expenses. While campaigning, incumbents continue to receive salaries up to $130,000 a year, which typically lowers the income of challengers(who often must resign from their jobs while running for office). The money for each incumbent is $160,000, which is higher than the average challenger’s total campaign expenditures. Colorado became the first state to enquire term limits into their Congress. One ancient Athenian legislature, the Boule, was placed a one-term on service. The idea was argued by Greek philosopher, Aristotle, in the 4th century BCE. There were term limits in the first US Congress established under the Articles of Confederation. The idea was later rejected at the Constitutional Convention because many of the Founding Fathers thought it would make Congress weak. These term limits laws provoked the fiercest debate, Americans had the limits enacted since 1990 in state

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