Congressperson Roles

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A congressperson from Washington DC plays many roles. A congressperson makes laws, provides representation locally, manages their office, and makes valuable decisions. They work hard to keep up with the needs and opinions of their district, as well as Washington DC. They educate people on what is going on and what a type of legislation is going to be passed. As a congresswoman for the third congressional district in Georgia, it is my role to serve the cities in my district with their needs, by ensuring safe environments and increasing opportunities for these people. In Washington DC, there is a lot time spent on legislation, committee work, and meeting with politicians. Committees help shape the types of laws needed to be passed. There are different types of committees including joint, conference, select, and the most popular and firm, standing committees. The standing committee that I work with is the House Committee of Agriculture. This committee is one of the most important committees in the United States. It deals with food safety, The Farm Bill, biotechnology and more. There is a lot of legislation passed regarding agriculture. Agriculture also increases the number for job opportunities in my home district, especially West …show more content…

They give their opinion and facts on issues. They participate in committee work, which defines them as a part of congress, since most work is does within a committee. They debate and talk to other politicians on issues. They also show leadership inside as well as outside congress. The work they do in their districts includes things like responding to the citizens’ issues in their area. They try to participate in community projects and meetings to educate the people in lawmaking and current issues. They support local businesses and seek out benefits more them. A congressperson truly devotes their time to benefit their

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