Convicted Felons Essay

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Texas Felons Seeking Rights Stripped of their voting rights. Not having the right to bear arms. No opportunities at specific job fields. Convicted felons in the state of Texas are deprived of a multitude of their rights given by the constitution. Convicted felons that have previously served time in a state or county detention center are on a never-ending road where “serving time” never stops. Having the label “convicted felon” means you lose voting rights, the right to bear arms, the right to serve on a jury, the right to travel abroad, the right to live in certain housing or work for certain job fields, and several more. Being stripped of these rights makes day to day life problematic, almost forcing a convicted felon to become homeless. Some people believe that all convicted felons should be stripped of those rights, while others believe that not all convicted felons should be stripped of them. A regulation in which only certain convicted felons should be stripped of those specific rights. Problems with being a convicted felon have recently sprung out of control. Background checks have made an appearance into a multitude of situations, such as finding a career or finding a place to live, making it almost impossible to do so. To begin, in the early 2000’s, EEOC released a background search that must be done on all applicants applying for a position. With such restrictions set, as well as the ban of any convicted felon to work in child care, health …show more content…

Even though convicted felons have a possibility of regaining certain rights that they have lost back. The process for doing so is prolonged and requires a variety of steps and processes involving an entire trial in the court

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