Cornbread In American Culture

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When I think about comfort food I automatically think of cornbread. Cornbread is a type of bread made from cornmeal and leavened without the use of yeast. Cornbread is the cornerstone of American cuisine. Many historians have found that cornbread can be traced back to before the United States was even a country (The American Indian Heritage Foundation, 2016). Cornmeal was founded by Native Americans around the year 5000 BC. The maize and cornmeal became an essential part of life for these people because it was quick and full of nutrients. Cornmeal was not only a major part of their daily diets, but of their religion as well. When these people prepared the cornmeal, it had a mushy consistency and did not look like the cornbread we know and …show more content…

The cornmeal could be used to set wound bandages, ease stomach pain, and help relief the symptoms of diarrhea. Many cultures also used cornmeal in religious ceremonies and as a form of currency (The American Indian Heritage Foundation, 2016). As cornmeal was passed from one culture to another it began to change from a thick mush to fluffy warm bread. When cornmeal was introduced to the Spaniards they mixed the cornmeal with water and salt and molded it into a stiff dough ball. Then they patted it with flour and cooked it over an open flame using a skillet. The bread the created was called hoecake, it resembled French bread (Native Net, 2016). As the early settlers came to America they were introduced to many different recipes for cornmeal meals. The new settlers used these recipes and overtime developed the cornbread we have today. The new settlers were dependent on the natural resources and adapted to using cornmeal for daily nutrition. Cornmeal is a cheap substance and has a long shelf life, which made it easy for people to store during the winter months (The American Indian Heritage Foundation, 2016). As cornmeal became more popular the recipes began to change some regions grew blue corn, others grow yellow, this lead to the cornmeal tasting different. In some regions, people added honey or molasses to the cornmeal to give it a sweeter taste. In other regions, people added lard or bacon fat to give the cornmeal flavor (Native Net,

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