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. So standing in Derrell’s living room feels pretty wrong to me, but when it comes down to it, I feel like I’m doing the right thing. If Beck is here, then I have to find him. Beck is the only thing I have.
I move quickly, from room to room, inspecting each one for Beck, or any other clues. Within ten minutes I have gone through ever room in the house. It’s a dead end. Beck is not here. The thought fills me with dread. If he isn 't here then where is he?
I head to the front door, ready to leave and find somewhere else to search, when something catches my eye. Hanging on the coat rack behind the door is a red scarf, exactly like the one Beck wears. Beck is not here, but he must have been.
At three fifteen I’m sitting on the steps in front of …show more content…

"It’s Mr. Burton," he blurts before I can even tell him what I found.
“No. It’s Derrell,” I correct him, reaching into my backpack for the scarf. I show it to him. “It’s Beck’s. I found it in Derrell’s house.”
“Oh well Mr. Bu-“ he stops talking suddenly, as he realizes what I had told him. “Derrell’s house? How did you get into Derrell’s house?”
My shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. “The door was unlocked.” His eyes enlarge in alarm. “Look, that’s not important. We have to find Beck. What were you saying about Mr. Burton?”
“Well he wasn’t at school today,” Saxton explains, his voice raised past a normal speaking level in order to be heard over the sound of bustling kids.
“Well maybe he’s sick,” I point out.
“I guess it’s possible. I just don’t think we should rule him out yet.”
I shake my head, and then grab ahold of Sexton’s wrist. Together we push our way out of the crowd.
“Tessa?” I turn at the sound of someone calling out my name.
A couple of yards behind me stands a little girl, with golden blonde hair pulled up into a pony tail. “Yes?” I respond.
“Are you Beck’s sister?” she asks me quietly. I have to listen hard to hear her over everyone. I nod, and then she asks “When will he be back in school?”
“Oh um, I don’t know. He’s sick,” I lie to …show more content…

“Did Beck walk home with you on Monday?” I ask her, calmly. “No. He said he had to stay after school. Mr. Burton wanted to talk to him,” She explains. I meet Saxton’s eyes, and I can tell we are thinking the same thing. Maybe Mr. Burton is part of this after all. We get back to my house as quick as possible. Neither of us says anything on the way there, we just walk side by side. We hurry inside the door and Saxton locks it behind us.
“So Derrell had Beck’s scarf, and Beck was last seen with Mr. Burton. That doesn’t make this complicated at all,” Saxton says with an extreme amount of sarcasm. “What are we supposed to do? I don’t know where Mr. Burton lives, so we can’t just go and investigate there,” I sigh. “I know where he lives,” Saxton admits. “He lives near my grandma, a ways from here, but you can’t just go break into his house.” “Well can’t we at least go check it out?” I inquire. “I guess its worth a shot. Get some money, we 're going to have to take the subway,” he says while pulling out his phone. “I have to call my mom and tell her I’m with you.” Then it dawns on me. “Beck 's cell phone!” I shout at Saxton. Saxton gives me a strained look. “Your brother went missing and you never bothered to call his cell

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