Creative Writing: The Zombie Apocalypse

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An excerpt from my book The Zombie Apocalypse Avi’s point of view: I walked downstairs to get a small breakfast. When I reached the living room, Esther was already awake, and was getting an ice pack for Kirstie’s head. Kirstie was laying on the couch, only half awake. “Hey Kirst, you feeling any better?” I asked, sitting next to the couch. “Uhm… I guess so… “ Kirstie said, a confused look on her face. “Can you turn the lights on? It’s too dark in here.” “Nope, the power already went out.” I replied, handing her a glass of water. “it’s a good thing I charged my phone.” Kirstie joked. “But… how did the power go out? It’s crystal clear outside.” “Umm… what do you remember?” I asked, sitting next to her on the couch. “I don’t know, …show more content…

We should probably get ready soon.” We said, sitting up and removing his arms from my waist. I sighed and closed the computer, getting up to brush my hair. “He has a really big house, I’m sure he’s fine. Maybe he’ll even let us stay there.” I said as Scott got up and searched for a shirt to wear. “Yeah, it should be a lot safer there… Oh, and Michelle?” He said. “Huh?” I said, turning away from the mirror and towards him. Just as I turned around, he gave me a quick, gentle kiss that sent shivers down my spine. “Thanks for saving me yesterday.” He said, putting his arms around my shoulders. “No problem Scooter” I said, putting my arms around his waist, as I kept smiling and blushing. He smiled and backed away, walking out the door to go do his hair. Avi’s point of view: “Okay, is everyone ready to leave now?” I asked, as Michelle finally joined the living room with everyone else. Of course, all of us were hugging Kirstie now that she was back to her normal self. “Jesus Michelle, how could it possibly take an hour and a half to get ready?” Alex said with a bit of an attitude. “Gotta look good for the boys.” Michelle shrugged. Most of us laughed at her, and we all walked out of the door, to head to

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