Crebrum Research Paper

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When you 're thinking hard, you 're using your cerebrum (biggest part of brain). You need it to solve math problems, figure out a video game, and draw a picture. Your memory lives in the cerebrum - both short-term memory (what you ate for dinner last night) and long-term memory (the name of that roller-coaster you rode on two summers ago). The cerebrum also helps you reason, like when you figure out that you 'd better do your homework now because your mom is taking you to a movie later. The cerebrum has two halves, with one on either side of the head. Some scientists think that the right half helps you think about abstract things like music, colors, and shapes. The left half is said to be more analytical, helping you with math, logic, and …show more content…

3) VISUALIZATION: Imagine being in that special place, where you can be as you want to be. This can be at the beach, swinging on a hammock on a sunny day, or in Hawaii. 4) ANCHORING: Rub the fingertips of your thumb and forefinger together on one hand, while saying a word or phrase to yourself that describes how you feel when in your special place, such as "focused" and "in control." 5) SELF-SUGGESTIONS: Tell yourself that from now on, whenever you rub your fingers together and say these words, it will bring back the feelings associated with being in your special place. 6) REHEARSAL: Remember doing something really well in your thinking. See this in your mind and experience the feelings in your body. Tell yourself that you 're storing this memory deep in your mind and that it will flow when you need it to. Rub the same fingertips together again and think of a word or two that describes the experience of performing your thinking well. Tell yourself that whenever you rub your fingertips together and say these words, the feelings and memory will be available to you without effort. Repeat this procedure for whatever aspect of your thinking that you want to excel at. 7) SELF-AFFIRMATIONS: Tell yourself that you 're learning a powerful technique to enhance your

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