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1. For this week’s experimental practice, I utilized the Forest Awaken sounds and the Cruise Imagery. I chose the forest awakens sounds because I figured I could use it aside from right before bed. I chose the cruise imagery because I have never had an experience with guided imagery and wanted to try it. I tried to be creative with the ways I used the forest awakening sounds to see if it had any affect during different activities. A couple of days out of the week I listened to it before I started my homework. I sat at my desk and had the clip playing. As I sat in my desk chair I closed my eyes and relaxed my posture. Usually, when I start my homework I am very stressed and tense because I usually have a lot to get done. When I listened to the clip before starting my work, I noticed that …show more content…

At this moment in time, with finals coming up I am very tense and filled with a lot of stress. Usually, I would take a nap or take a hot shower to try to relax myself and let go of some of my worry. If I have a lot on my plate, I find it hard to take time to relax because I am so consumed with trying to get everything done on time. If my house is busy, I am babysitting, and studying for finals relaxation time doesn’t exist for me. When relaxation is easy for me is when I am ahead of schedule with school work or on summer break. Being at home is not the most relaxing place for me because there is always something going on. Most times, when I want to relax I take a drive, take a nap, or go to the library where it is quiet. I believe the biggest thing that has changed in me after working with the practices is trying to find some time for myself. I really liked using the forest awakening sounds because I was able to drown out the background of my noisy house and felt a sense of peace. What I know now that I didn’t before is that I am easily distracted and it is hard to find quiet space in my house. I truly realized how active my house was while trying to complete these

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