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War is a forever changing tactical competition. Dating back to the first wars of recorded history to current wars, all conflict have been won by having a tactical advantage and generally the most advanced technology over an opponent. The Crimean War, or the Eastern War of 1853-1856 sparked a change for all wars to come. The Crimean War, referred to by historians, was the first modern war in history. This turning point in history took place between October 1853 and February 1856, between several countries. These countries included Russia, France, Britain, the Ottoman Empire, and Sardinia. These countries fought primarily on the Crimean Peninsula, on the north border of Crimea.
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Known as the most lethal enemy, diseases “forced the medical system of the time to simply fall apart under the strain of caring for thousands of ill soldiers.” With the added deaths of soldiers due to the advanced weaponry and disease at the time, the medical field was forced to adapt and advance during the Crimean War. The condition of medical care during the Crimean War became worse before it began to improve. Numerous hospitals shut down throughout the warring countries, due to the overflow of patients, massive panic, and death that disease brought. Wanting to quarantine the soldiers illnesses and injuries from the public, the allied and central powers decided to establish field hospitals. The French armies first instituted field hospitals, and it spread like a wildfire across Europe. This newfound idea led to the reopening of many civilian hospitals all around Europe. These field hospital designs would later lead to the future of portable medical care. Completely portable hospitals known as “flying hospitals” were a result of these concepts from the Crimean War. While the flying hospitals were effective temporarily, there was a growing realization that military hospitals were going to be needed in the future. Therefore, the Crimean War also …show more content…

Weather was always a major factor and concern in the region the two sides were fighting in. Harshly cold temperatures were almost always bearing down on the soldiers on both sides. Countless soldiers who had never even seen battle, died merely from the cruel weather. One specific event brought the most deaths from the weather during the Crimean War. On the night of November 13, a hurricane Know as “The Hurricane of the Century struck the Crimean Peninsula.” All night and all morning the dangerous hurricane rapidly struck and poured down wind and rain. These high powered winds and drenching rains combined with the already incredibly cold conditions brought immense death. Soldiers could not climb out of the mud or even their tents because of the conditions. one Soldier who survived the storm recalls that “The state of the camp is beyond anything beastly. The mud is a foot deep all around the horses. The rain beats into our tents. How man or horse can stand this work much longer i know not.” Death came along with the soldiers as well as in nature. The food supplied by the British was extremely unsanitary and sickening. The allied powers reacted with countless illnesses and deaths from the dirty and disease-ridden food. Britain began a Culinary Campaign. This campaign was designed to completely clean out all food distributors and military kitchens, and completely start over. Due to the lack of

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