Criminal Justice System Is Not Fair Essay

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Why the Criminal Justice System Is Not Fair The Criminal Justice System is not fair. If you are a man, you are more expected to commit a crime rather than a female. There is a high range of incarceration rates depending on race. Depending on your age, you are worth more money. Should you die as an adult rather than a child, your family would easily receive money in compensation. There are several examples where someone who is black, is depicted with darker skin than they actually have in the media. Almost 100,000 people are found guilty of a crime they never committed per year. In the movie, A Civil Action, they talked about the kinds of victims that are worth more than others. The quote from the movie is, “A dead adult in his 20s is …show more content…

She was tried and acquitted for their murder. However she was found not guilty for their murder. This is because there was no physical evidence directly linking her to the case. Also, this was during a time when women were not believed to be strong, and people didn’t believe a small woman such as she, was capable of murdering not only one, but two people. It was found that Abby was killed before Andrew, which meant that Lizzie and her older sister Emma would receive their father’s money. Also, Lizzie burned the dress she wore on the day of the murder after she was asked to bring it in for evidence as there was an unidentified stain on the dress. It is thought that after Lizzie was found innocent, that Emma had learned of information on the murder of her parents which caused her to flee her shared home with Lizzie, and the two never saw each other again. Even though this case is from more than one hundred years ago, it shows that women are hard to be found guilty, especially in criminal cases. They are often viewed as too weak to commit a felony. While there was a lack of evidence, the jurors were not convinced she could could commit a crime so violent

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