Crisis Intervention Case Study

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Question 4: Chapter 1 “Overview of Crisis Intervention”, page 14 Everyone experiences trauma differently, which can cause a spectrum of reactions to traumatic events. (For each case study, please classify which type of response is experienced: behavioral, physical, spiritual, emotional, or cognitive, response). A Recently, Jillian returned from a long weekend trip with her college friends. When she arrived home, she noticed that the door to her apartment slightly cracked open. She knew that she had locked her door, but thought maybe she didn 't close it tightly. Once inside, she realized that her patio glass is shattered and many of her belongings were missing. She reported the break in to the Police. Since the break in, Jillian has had trouble sleeping at night due to heart tremors and sweating. Additionally, loud noises startled her to the point of tears. ANSWER – Physical Response – This reaction is automatic, meaning that our body will automatically respond to a trauma using bodily functions such as an increased heart rate, trembling, palpitations and sweating. For Jillian, the break in was so traumatic that her body is reacting without her ability to control the reaction. B Brenda hired a private investigator to follow her husband Brent for fear that he was cheating on her. Her fears were accurate and she served him with divorce papers last week. Since Brent was unaware that Brenda knew about his affair, and that the affair, in his eyes, was purely physical

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