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Chapter I Background and Purpose Critical Thinking (CT) is not regarded a novel teaching vision. Initially it emerged in Greek Empire by the method of questioning of Socrates approximately 2500 years ago (Rfaner, 2006). Since then this notion has highly developed. Today it has been globally and widely of great significance in educational frame works; thus, a vast number of teachers are willing to apply CT approach in their classes ( Asgharheidari & Tahriri,2015). Asgharheidari and Tahriri (2015) state that profound changes have occurred in the field of education these days. Once in teacher oriented classes along with mechanical and inflexible teaching approaches, learners exclusively served as passive receivers. To be more precise, they…show more content…
As a result, teacher’s tasks exert a pivotal part in language classrooms and they can not only facilitate their perception of CT but assist them to deal with other learner’s arguments. Employing task-based language teaching can engage learners by performing some specific tasks; moreover, it allows them to be exposed to natural use of language, so it would be student-centered in place of teacher- oriented classes (Ellis, 2013). Task-based learning is an approach which provides students with freedom to build up their own knowledge, and helps them identify a solution to problems they encounter through the application of reliable source of information (Zhou, et al., 2013). Task-based teaching allows learners to have a more favorable atmosphere and paves their way to acquiring L2; hence, task-based language teaching has recently received meticulous attention from myriad of L2 instructors and syllabus designers (Rahimpour,2006). Nunan (1992) asserted that 'task learning' allows a student to talk much more, makes a convivial atmosphere in the classroom, and students' comprehensible input is…show more content…
Critical thinking is a complex process featuring a range of skills including identifying other people’s positions, arguments, and ideas, evaluating the proof for different options, considering the opposing views unbiasedly, persuading others by some techniques, drawing justifiable assumptions and presenting a clear, unbiased, well organized and well-reasoned way to convince others ( Cottrell, 2005). 1.5.3 Speaking. Speaking is known as an interactive social and contextual process in which speakers are required to consider a variety of linguistic, contextual, cultural and interactional aspects among others (Uso & Martinez, 2006).Moreover , Cameron (2001) states that speaking is the active use of language to express meanings so that other people can make sense of them.( p. 40) 1.5.4 Task. Task according to Prabhu (1987) is a teacher- regulated activity which provides learning with given information through some processes of thought in a way that they arrive to an outcome. Nunan ( 1989 ) states that task is" a piece of classroom work which involves learners in comprehending, manipulating, producing or interacting in target language while their attention is focused on meaning rather than form"( p.10).

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