VIC151 Week 1 Reflection Paper

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Introduction Over the past year, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons in the VIC151 course. Not only did the course challenge me to question my previous beliefs on education, it also provided me the opportunity to expand my understanding of a number of interesting topics such as social justice education, mindfulness, holistic education, progressive education, and multicultural education. The following portfolio is an amalgamation of the various items I believe represent my experience in the VIC151 course. Philosophy of Teaching Critical Pedagogy A teacher’s individual philosophy of teaching is a powerful guiding force in the classroom. It shapes a teachers practices and influences all aspects of the classroom environment. Throughout the past year, I have come to understanding that my philosophy of teaching is largely shaped by critical thinking and critical pedagogy. Critical pedagogy finds its roots in John Dewey’s “Education and Democracy,” and has since grown into a popular philosophy among many educators (Rhems, 2013, p.1). Paulo Freire's “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” is a fundamental text for the philosophy, and it pushes …show more content…

Above all, I want my students to feel empowered and important within the classroom, and I believe that social justice education and feminist pedagogy has the ability make positive change for students. In addition, I believe critical pedagogy naturally incorporates aspects such as empathy, empowerment, community, leadership, and representation into learning. Over the past year, in both the VIC151 and VIC150 courses, I have explored two branches of critical pedagogy – Social Justice Education and Feminist Pedagogy. I believe that these two education philosophies are both extremely interesting and extremely empowering. Social Justice

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