Cronus And The Lightning Thief Analysis

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In The myth of Cronus,Cronus wanted all of the power and did not want to be overthrown by his kids.So Then , he wanted to make sure by deciding to eat them.Lastly, Metis gave Cronus a potion so he can vomit them up.Both the myth of Cronus and The Lightning Thief share a similar theme of Struggle for power. In both stories there is someone that wants all of the power.“Cronus attempted to escape fate by swallowing each child as soon as it was born.”Cronos ate all of his kids so he will have all the power.“The goddess Metis helped him convincing him to drink a potion”Cronos drank a potion and threw up his kids whole.Cronos wanted everything in control. In The Lightning Thief, Luke wanted all of the power. “My father sent me on my quest to

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