Cronus Role In Greek Mythology

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The Greek god of Time and Ages

The Greek god Cronus, the god of time, age, agriculture, king of the Titans and father of the Olympions, is one of the most powerful and interesting Titans in Greek mythology. Cronus has a very important role in the Greek creation story. Some of these facts are: The Titans or first gods are his parents, His role in the creation story, The prosperity of his rule, His sister/wife Rhea, What happens to his children, The war he fought, His faults and weaknesses, and finally, his achievements. Gaea, Mother Earth and Uranus, father sky who sleeps with Gaea at night, had their first set of children, the three Cyclops, humanoids with only one eye and the three Hekatoncheries or humanoids with many heads and one-hundred arms. Then because of fear Uranus banished them to Tartarus. Gaea found out and was upset but did nothing and they had more children, the Twelve Titans. These first, immortal Gods or Titans are: Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, …show more content…

Every living thing was in peace, all animals spoke human, no one ever got ill physically or mentally, and when creatures and people died, they died peacefully in their sleep. Along with abundant essentials, some myths say that Cronus taught people to be civilized they did what was morally right and all humans became pure and guiltless. This period was so prosperous that Cronus himself got married to his sister, Rhea. Rhea was the goddess of fertility and motherhood, and with Cronus, they had six children, their lives and rule looked long and unending. However, things took a turn for the worst, before the children came, Uranus and Gaea foretold a dark future. Because of Cronus not honoring his promise it was prophesied that one of Cronus's and Rhea's children would overthrow Cronus like Cronus did his father. In majority, Cronus ruled a golden age of success and

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