Crucial Environmental Problems

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Among the utmost crucial environmental issues is human overpopulation, mutely exacerbating the intensities that are behind environmental pollution, global warming habitat loss, rigorous farming habits. Depletion of limited natural resources for example fossil fuels, fresh water, and cultivable land, at a velocity that is much faster than the time it takes for them to restore. Even so, environmental issues are merely the beginning. Lower life expectancy in the fastest developing countries will experience a deprivation of their quality also length of life as they continue to increase population facing difficulties to resource food, water, housing, jobs, and energy to their growing inhabitants. That will eventually lead to major consequences for economic growth, a reduced access to medical care leading to poor health. Shortage of Fresh Water, with overpopulation the demand on the world’s fresh water resources. Giving reason that 1 percent of the earths water is fresh and within reach, this generates a major issue. it has been projected that human demand for fresh water will hold approximately at 70 percent of what is accessible on the planet by 2025. Regions that already have limited access to …show more content…

Humans have escalated the use of natural gas, oil, and coal, that has constructed a major effect on the environment. The quality of air has been severely affected by the increase in industries and quantity of vehicles being used daily. An intensification in volume of CO2 emissions will lead to global warming, change in climate patterns, rise in sea level, and melting of polar ice caps. Which are only a few consequences caused by pollution increase due to overpopulation that is to be expected effecting the ecology and biodiversity of the earth and buildup of human-generated greenhouse gases in the

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