Crush Witten Book Analysis

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The book Crush Witten by Jon Blake (1995) this is a short book relating to teens it is a typical love story that has some comedy so it is not all serious this is a well-written book that is easy to read I read some books this is one of the belter ones. This book would be great for people that have trouble this story is told in a first-person point of view.
Ian teases Jamal about his crush on Rachelle. So what’s Jamal going to do when he finds out about Ian’s crush on Leanne? Even worse, how can Ian stop it all being captured on film? This is the blurb of the book this makes me want to read the book and it seems to draw me in the more I read on. Does it make you what to read on? Of course it does!
My favorite page of the book is Jamal whirled
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