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CHAPTER 1 Concept of culture and civilization
Meaning of Culture :
Although it is Difficult to give any exact defination of culture , but it is very easy to understand the concept of Culture. examples of culture can be seen every where around you. you intuitively know that their are certain attitudes, feelings and ideas that exist when you go to a certain place. like in corp-orate Culture, office might be formal or casual in design, employes may be encouraged to dress casually to encourage feeling of equality, comfort and for productivity, management might show caring and personable attitude by sending gifts and cards to employees on key dates in their lives and festivals etc.right from throwing
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Herskovits, "Culture is Man made part of environment." lapier says, "Culture is the embodiment in customs,traditions of a social group over the generation."
Characteristics of Culture
1. Culture is Learned Behaivour:
Culture is not inborn but every individual learns it as he grow young in Society.culture is learned by each member of society during socialization i.e. the prosess throughwhich the individual learns to become human.
2. Uniquely human: it is something unique to human other animal have any thing resembling culture.
3. Useful:
Culture provides each member of society with ways of satisfying his biological emotional needs in a manner approved by society and this is done by supplying people with patterns or systems or organised behaivour.
4.Culture is accumulated experience and wisdom of society
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People can work together to solve problems and create new things.

Differnece Between Culture and Civilization:
1. Civilization is a bigger unit than culture because it is a complex of the society that dwells within a certain areas along with its form of government norms and even culture.
2. Culture is perennial and has impact on humanity as a whole. Civilization is synchronous and keeps pace with the present.
3. A culture ordinarily exists within a civilization in this regard each civilization can contain not only one but several cultures.
4. Culture can exist in itself where as civilization cannot be called a civilization if it does not possess a certain culture. Hence a civilization will become empty if it does not have its culture, no matter how little it is.
5. Culture can be something that is tangible and it can be something that isn’t. But civilization is something that can be seen as a whole and it is more or less tangible though its basic component, like culture can be immaterial.
6. Culture can be transmitted trough symbols in the form of language where as an entire transmitted by mere language

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