F451 Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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Romeo & Juliet vs. Fahrenheit 451 in terms of: The Individual Against The Society

Introduction of the article and relating it with two texts What does the word society mean? A society is a group of individuals who share a common point. For example the people of Turkey is considered a ‘society’ because they live in the same country. The school orchestra is a society because all of the students included are interested in music. But what happens when one of the individuals go against the societal expectations of their group? Malala Yousafzai may be one of the bravest and unique examples for the individual versus the society topic. She is a seventeen year-old activist working for the education rights of female students in Pakistan. She changed to make a difference in her society, a positive movement enlightening the society. Going against the society can be diverged into three different aspects: going against the public acclaim, going against the culture and going against the laws. These aspects of ‘individual vs. the society’ conflict are highly seen in Fahrenheit 451 and in Romeo and Juliet.

Connection Point 1: Going against the public acclaim
The common belief of the people in a society is the essential thing that keeps them together. This belief might be towards religion, ethics, daily life etc. The common belief in F451 was that citizens weren’t supposed to observe or think. Guy Montag has a curious mind and a brave soul, and this combination pushes him going
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