Cycloodiline Lab Report

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Synthesis, molecular modeling and bio-evaluation of cycloalkyl fused 2-aminopyrimidines as antitubercular & antidiabetic agents 1. Introduction: o The target name and type: The target in this paper is the mycobacterial di-hydro folate reductase, alpha-glocosidase and glycogen phosphorylase The type of the targets is enzymes. o Diseases that associated with the target: The diseases that associated with the target are diabetes and tuberculosis. o Biological activity of the compounds: Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC): Susceptibility of the organisms which is isolated from the clinical specimens is determined with diffusion tests, and this test has some limitations. At the time of prolonged infection such as bacterial endocarditis or when…show more content…
When testing one organism, for example Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the dilution is prepared in agar slopes but at this time it is necessary to prepare another identical set to be inoculated with the organism which is control. To make dilution a small volume of water is used and then the dilute is added to agar that melted and then cooled to 60degrees C. If chocolate agar is required blood is added, and the medium must be heated before addition of the antibiotic. Petri dishes with 90mm diameter are convenient to be used and one ml of the desired drug dilutions is added to 19ml of the broth. Agar dilution factor must be allowed in the first calculation as follows: • The final volume of the medium in the plate equals 20ml • Top concentration of the antibiotic equals 64mgL • Drug total amount equals 1280 microgram is added to 1ml water • 2mls of 1280microgram per ml is required to start the dilution equals 2560micrograms in 2mls. • 1.28mls of 2000micrograms per ml ± 0.72ml of water.…show more content…
Use the following criteria for the preparing of arrange of dilutions in the agar: On the base of steriled petri dish,label each of the concentrations required then place 1ml of the dilutions in water each of them in the labeled dishes after preparing them with the addition of one ml watter in control plate; 19ml pipette containing melted agar is cooled and then added to each plate and mixed together adequately and this mixing is an essential matter. Plates should be dried well after setting them carefully and the lids must be tiped for 20-30 37C in the incubator, as the plates inoculated this is done by two methods either as multiple spots of inoculator or by using a platinum or wire loop which is designed for deilevery of 0.001ml over asmall area; the culture shall be diluted in either cases and contains 105to106 organismsml and this is obtained by the addition of 5µl broth culture overnight to 5ml peptone water. Electrolyte deficient and selective media should not be used to avoid giving false results due to the variable effects in the content of the salt on many antibiotic actions. Translation of the results
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