Cyntoia Brown Essay

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The film is about how a sixteen years old named Cyntoia Brown is charged with murder and robbery of a forty-three years old man named Johnny Allen. Eventually she was convicted to life in prison for those crimes. I will describe what the video detailed and how this is related to previous classwork. Also, I will provide criticism of the video. Cyntoia was a teenager that grew up hard. Her biological mother was a teen mother who was a drug addict and ex con. Her mother looking for help asked if friend can watch her child who then asked his mother if she can. The help eventually turned into raising and adopting the child who is Cyntoia Brown. Cyntoia grew up having abandonment issues and trust issues disabling her to have a thriving …show more content…

Also, her adopted father was physically abusive to her at times. Cyntoia ran away and got connected with Garrion "Kut" McGlothen. Kut was someone who Cyntoia like maybe even considered her boyfriend until Kut got abusive. He had forced her into prostitution. Eventually she met up with Johnny Allen at a Sonic who wanted sex. They agreed on a price and proceeded to his house. There he fed her and expressed his love for guns and his life in the army. They had sex and in the midst of having sex Cyntoia got spooked when he stopped and reached for the side of the bed. She killed him and took his wallet and fled the scene. Eventually she was arrested and confessed to killing Johnny Allen. From there the film goes into details of her trial, all the way to her conviction. This video was a textbook example of how girls and women are sex trafficked. In the book "Human Trafficking in the Midwest," a man professing love and attention was almost always how a girl or woman was coerced into sex trafficking and here in this case the same can be applied with Kut manipulating and forcing her into prostitution. Also, It appeared that Cyntoia was using survivor sex from Johnny Allen to get money to leave town. Another

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