Film Assignment: Niall Ferguson's Civilization: Is The West History

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Mehdi Sayagh
Film Assignment:
Niall Ferguson’s Civilization: Is the West History,
Part 2: Science

1) What is the film’s main argument? What was the evidence used to make the argument? Do you find it convincing, why or why not?

The film’s main argument is that science played a major role in the change of the global predominance from the East to the West, by focusing on the science enlightenment part and how science helped the Europeans to raise an empire. Indeed science has played a major role in the process of switching power from the east to the west, through the film; Ferguson highly described the differences between the Ottoman Empire and the Prussians leaded by Frederick the great, how Muslims got behind Europeans and all the problems that they faced through this period. As he said: “one real difference between the west and the east is the variant degrees in which science is applied in the field of politics, why Muslims get so wrong, why west so right”. The evidence used to make the argument starts in the beginning by highlighting the fact that the ottomans were always in front of the Europeans, and that it was a shock for them when they couldn’t beat the Christians. It all starts from that, this evidence demonstrates that the Ottoman Empire had many weaknesses in terms of politics, religious laws, and government organization. I found it pretty convincing because after showing that the ottomans were not that powerful in terms of their

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