The Indirect Satire In The Truman Show

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The Truman Show “The Truman Show” is definitely an example of an indirect satire. The film has multiple elements and key themes that make it an indirect satire. It pokes fun at many of the world’s ideas that are considered standard. The film also leaves many subliminal messages directed at life, such as, “How’s it going to end?”. In the film’s plot the main character, Truman Burbank, is an insurance salesman living in what seems to be a perfect society. Everyone is cordial throughout the town and everybody seems to do the same exact thing every single day. There is a reason the townsfolk are on repeating cycle. Everyone is an actor starring in the most popular TV show in the world, “The Truman Show”. Truman has no idea that he is the start …show more content…

The film displays what reality TV can do to people. It also shows how much people crave and eat up this type of entertainment. They are always wanting more and anxiously anticipating what happens next. They do not really care about what the people of the reality show actually have to live through. They are constantly being filmed and their lives are not the same. The film also pokes fun at a very cliché movie plot line. It shows a man in love and chasing that girl for almost the entire film. The film also mocks our idea of what life is like. It is a daily schedule that never changes and we do the same exact things every single day. The film takes this to a new level by having the entire neighborhood look the same and everybody says the same things and makes the same actions every day. Those are the reasons “The Truman Show” is an example of an indirect satire. The film pokes fun at reality TV and what our idea of a perfect life is like. It uses those symbols to exaggerate the world’s ideas.The movie actually made me wonder if my life was just a reality show and I was being watched by thousands of cameras constantly. I sure hope not. I have not found any proof

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