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1.3 Explain how the requirements of legislation, codes of practice and agreed ways of working influence professional supervision Training, supervision and appraisals were made a legal requirement by the Care Standards in an attempt to address problems with recruitment and retention. The White Paper – ‘Modernising Social Services Promoting Independence, Improving Protection, Raising Standards’ (written in 1998) identified that 80% of all care staff had no formal training and that there were no national standards of practice. It stated that ‘A competent and confident workforce is an essential component of the modernisation of the social services. The White Paper aims were to, ‘introduce legislation when Parliamentary time allows,…show more content…
NOT for resale purposes ©HSC DIPLOMA HELP Continuing professional development - to ensure relevant knowledge and skills, to develop new skills and to assist career progression. Your organisations aim will be to deliver a high quality service to those using it and to always be looking for ways to improve the services provided and it’s delivery. Improvements will be measured against performance targets. Targets will be met with a good management system/team and with a workforce with good morale and training and an organisation with good staff retention. This can be monitored and supported through the supervision
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