D. B. Cooper: Plane Hijacker

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How many plane hijackers have been caught for their crimes? All of them except for one. His name was D.B. Cooper. Dan Cooper was a man who hijacked a plane solely for ransom money. He asked for $200,000 and four parachutes. Then he jumped out of the plane, never to be seen again. There are a lot of theories regarding Cooper, many think he got away and lived a double life. But others say he died after he jumped. D.B. Cooper was the only hijacker in history to escape capture. The date was the day before Thanksgiving on November 24, 1971. Experts say: “A man walks up to the ticket counter and asks for a plane ticket to Seattle, Washington, under the alias of Dan Cooper (D.B. Cooper 1). Later, on the plane, everything began to unfold. A stewardess…show more content…
According to the FBI, who delivered the ransom items, “Cooper didn’t ask for a helmet, gloves, flight jacket, jumpsuit, or boots. It was seven below zero outside, it was dark, and the plane was going 196 miles per hour” (D.B. Cooper 3). Cooper made some rookie mistakes. Cooper left two of the best parachutes back on the plane suggesting he was a beginner skydiver (Pasternak 6). The FBI also made some mistakes. Of the two parachutes he took, one was a non-working training parachute that had been supplied by mistake. If he relied on that chute, he undoubtedly fell to his death (D.B. Cooper 3). Cooper chances of survival keep getting smaller and smaller. The wind speed would have sent him tumbling and blown off his slip on loafers; even if Cooper survived the jump, he would have had a sprained leg at best which still would have spelt his demise in that environment. To conclude, theorists believe the evidence of Cooper’s death is much stronger than that of the Weber theory. There is lots of strong evidence to support different theories. Some of which say it was Duane Weber. Some of which say he perished. Duane Weber is D.B. (Dan) Cooper who lived a secret double life. On the other hand, theorists are certain D.B. Cooper must have died because all evidence shown points to no survival possible. There is a lot of evidence that points to different directions. None are conclusive enough so the case was never solved. We may never know what happened to D.B. Cooper. +CLINCHER GOES
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