DBQ: The Scientific Revolution

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The scientific revolution made a vast impact on everyday lives, it caused computers, phones, and other items to be invented. This revolution has caused many conflicts, and with these conflicts it had changed the way people lived and made many people question life. The revolution had made many benefits for people and there were also some people that were harmed during this time. The scientific revolution had many different actions that caused wonderful objects to be invented and allowed people to know more about the world. Different actions were done to create the scientific revolution similar to when the societies developed conflicts, such as when Copernicus made the solar system, how the conflicts changed the societies by the church going against people, the people who experience harmed such as Galileo, and the people who benefitted from the change such as other boys. …show more content…

Many people fought over the point that the Sun is the center and this caused a conflict between the Church, Copernicus and Galileo. “The picture that Copernicus made showed the solar system, and showed the way the solar system actually looked.” (Document 1) The diagram made the church get angry because the church didn’t want to be wrong and decided to punish Copernicus and Galileo, who also agreed with Copernicus. The church was a powerful authority and if proven wrong people would start to not believe the Pope’s words and would go against the church. The conflict that was caused by the scientific revolution was between the Church and the people who went against the church’s

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