Dachau Concentration Camp Essay

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The first concentration camp in the Nazi system, Dachau, opened in March, 1933. By the end of World War II, the Nazis gave a huge system of more than 40,000 camps that stretched across Europe from the French-Spanish border into the conquered Soviet territories, and as far south as Greece and North Africa. The largest number of prisoners were Jews, but people were arrested and locked in prison for a variety of reasons, including family, cultural characteristics and political association. Prisoners were subjected to unbelievable terrors from the moment they arrived in the camps it was a terrible existence that involved a struggle for survival against a system designed to destroy them. A concentration camp is a place where P.O.W (Prisoners of War) were placed usually used for criminals or people with types of religions that the army was against (e.g. Jews etc.) The primary purpose of these camps was the methodical killing of millions of innocent people. The concentration camps were administered since 1934 by Concentration Camps Inspectorate which in 1942 was merged into SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt and were guarded by SS-Totenkopfverbände (SS-TV).

The first concentration camp first erected in Germany by the Nazi party and Hitler when he was announced and or …show more content…

In a few of the concentration camps, Nazi physicians conducted medical experiments on people imprisoned in the camp that often led to the death of the patients. The deaths of the Jewish population in a concentration camp was often carried out by using a gas chamber. Before Germany’s surrender on November, 1944, Soviet forces liberated the Stutthof, Sachsenhausen, and Ravensbrueck concentration camps. US forces liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar, Germany, on April 11, 1945, a few days after the Nazis began evacuating the

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