Danforth Neighborhood

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Description of your tour stop – 3 marks
The Danforth neighborhood otherwise known as Greek town due to its Greek population ; is one of Toronto’s most recognized neighborhoods. It is the largest Greek community in north america with over 300 stores stretching over 9
Km. Named after Asa Danforth, the Danforth Avenue is located near Queen St. East and Kingston Rd. It is well known for its long streets, loud music, restaurants and more. It is mainly a family oriented neighborhood with a diverse cultural population. Historic buildings near 100 years old, family restaurants/business, and stores fill the street creating the neighborhood. The Danforth Neighborhood hosts annual festivals and celebrations including the iconic
Krinos Taste of Danforth. …show more content…

Most of these immigrants had settled along Danforth. Between the 1970’s and the 1980’s the
Danforth was thought to be the largest greek town in North America. Later on in 1993 The BIA (in short terms a group of local business) was renamed to “Greektown on the Danforth”.
Importance (significance) of your tour stop to Toronto. Why is it important for people to visit this spot? Why is this spot important to the people of Toronto? – 3 points x 2 marks each = 6 marks
Known as Greektown, Danforth avenue is important for torontonians as it preserves and showcases Greek culture.
Neighborhoods such as Danforth allow for people of all ethnic backgrounds to have a first hand experience of the greek culture. Events offered by this neighborhood, such as the taste of Danforth allow people to experience true greek cuisine as well as dance. Not only does give an insight on cultural activities but parts of Toronto’s history as well.
Iconic buildings such as The Danforth Music hall and the Allenby Tim Hortons building. These buildings preserve toronto’s theatre history. The first commercial construction on the Danforth begun in 1909. The Danforth allows visitors to view toronto’s architectural history up front. This neighborhood truly offers an educational experience …show more content…

On top of the acropolis is the parthenon which has near identical pillars. Geocachers will have to put their ancient greek knowledge to the test to find this Geocache.
Description of significant item representing this tour stop to be included in the final group geocache (include a colour picture/photo) – 3 marks
­A small key chain which includes both the greek
Parthenon and theatre masks. Both items are used to represent the greek culture and The Danforth 's history. Why did you choose this item to represent your tour stop? – 2 mark
I believe these two key chains are the perfect items to represent my landmark. These key chains also relate to the location of my geochache. My first keychain that i left is the Parthenon keychain. The Parthenon is one of the most well known greek structures in existence. The keychain is in the cache because it is a reminder of the greek culture to whomever finds it. Not only that but the geocache is hid beside downscaled greek pillars. If found, this small parthenon would explain the hint I left , “The treasure lies beside what is located on top of the Acropolis”. The

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